What to Know Before Selecting Your Home’s Roofing Material in Milwaukee

The roof is just as important as the foundation of a home. Roofing is a vital part of the home and is critical in protecting the inside from intrusions. The material you choose for your roof will ultimately determine the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Finding the right solution is no easy feat. Fortunately, there are several essential things to keep in mind before making your selection.

Durability. If you’re planning to stay in your home for a long time, you’ll want a durable material. This will minimize the cost and inconvenience of replacing the roof a few years later. Durable material is better than a cheap one, so check the material’s lifespan before you make your final decision. Listed below are some qualities to look for before choosing your roofing material.

The roof’s pitch is a crucial factor in the functionality of shingles. A high-pitched roof will require a higher pitch for the shingles to be effective. Likewise, a lower-pitched roof may require a more expensive roofing material. If your roof is extremely steep, you might want to choose a wood material instead. Wood roofing sheds water faster than other materials. Slate roofing is another versatile option to match your architectural features.

Wood roofs are one of the most appealing and affordable roof materials. However, wood roofs come with several limitations. Wood shingles are flammable and do not offer the same level of protection as asphalt shingles. For this reason, they are not an option in areas with high fire risks and moisture. In addition to being affordable, they are an excellent choice for luxury homes. Asphalt shingles can be purchased as single-thickness or in a laminated product. Single-thickness asphalt roofing is the less expensive choice, but the only downfall is that it lasts half as long as laminated asphalt shingles.

Slate roofs have a rich European look. Slate is a high-cost material, but it is highly durable and weather-resistant. When properly installed, it is even possible to recycle old slates. Despite being expensive and heavy, slate is also recyclable and expected to last hundreds of years. The only disadvantages to slate are its cost and the cost of repair. 

Choosing a suitable roofing material is critical in maximizing your home’s energy efficiency. While many people prefer asphalt shingles for their homes, some homeowners opt for metal roofs because they are easier to maintain and can complement various home styles. Although metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt shingles, it can last more than half a century without significant repairs. Metal is also an excellent choice for modern-style houses.

It would help if you also considered hiring a reliable roofing contractor to install your new roof. After all, a poorly installed roof will cost you much more money in the long run. Be sure to interview several roofing contractors before making a final decision. Consider their work history, licenses, insurance, and warranties when selecting a roofer. If you are unsure, ask a friend or family member for help. You should check out the roof repairs milwaukee references.