Carpet Cleaning Secrets From the Pros in Bethlehem, PA

The best way to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum it frequently and thoroughly. Sweeping from the outer to inner corners of the room helps remove surface dirt and dust, but you should make two or three slow passes, especially in high-traffic areas. Use coarse-textured mats under high-traffic areas. They’ll prevent soiling and help keep wet shoes off your carpet. Another great way to extend the life of your carpet is to vacuum often.

If you notice a stain on your carpet, you should first use clean, warm water. Then, brush the strands back into their natural direction to remove the stain. Use white paper towels to absorb excess moisture. You can weigh them down with a phone book to ensure they stay in place during cleaning. These simple tips will leave your carpet looking and smelling new.

Another way to prevent your carpet from becoming dirty is to wear shoes inside the home. If you wear your shoes in the house, you’ll wear dirt-trapping blades all over them. The same goes for barefooted people. In addition to wearing shoes inside the house, cooks often leave behind crumbs and dirt, which eventually wears down the fibers. Once this happens, the carpet is less likely to stay clean and be stained.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a carpet cleaner, the carpet will eventually become a victim of accidents, spills, and tracked-in debris. But as a homeowner, you can avoid these embarrassing events by following these simple cleaning secrets from the pros. One tip is to blot stains rather than rub them in, which will set them into the carpet fibers and lead to premature breakdown.

Chewing gum is another common culprit. After your child has scrumptious gum, could you remove it from the carpet? This can be done quickly with a butter knife or a spoon. You can then use paper towels or sponges filled with warm water to remove the sticky residue. This will make the spot undetectable. You can even use a toothbrush to scrape off the gum if the area is too large to remove.

Another great tip for removing a sticky spot is to apply a warm iron. This method can be used when the wax has become too hard to remove. Heat will soften the wax and make it easier to scrape off. However, the heat must not be applied directly to the carpet. If you do, it might burn the fibers of the rug. This tip is recommended for professional carpet cleaners because it can effectively remove caked-on dirt.

Grease stains are notoriously tough to remove from carpets. While a lot of food stains cannot be removed using water alone, you can remove greasy spots with the help of a few drops of grease-cutting dish soap mixed with warm water. Then, blot the affected area with paper towels and a white cloth. Repeat the process if necessary. This method will help you remove the stubborn stain as well. You should check out the carpet cleaning service bethlehem pa references.